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kosher lentil endive canapé appetizer


Ta'yeem is a dedicated kosher catering business that brings home-grown farm-to-table food to your special events. Our chefs craft authentic dishes that are full of flavor, and our commitment to kashrut (Jewish dietary laws) ensures that all of our ingredients are of the highest quality. 


We believe that food should be a source of joy and satisfaction, and so we work to provide you with the best catered experience possible. From large scale events to intimate family gatherings, we strive to create meals that will bring people together and make your occasion unforgettable.

Arnon Oren owner of Ta'yeem Kosher Catering

Arnon oren - Owner

"I grew up in Rosh-Pina, a small town in the Galilee. We had fig trees, pomegranate trees, citrus, plums and olive trees. From a young age I was exposed to pure, great flavors."

As an Israeli Jew, Arnon brings his extensive knowledge and experience of dedicated Kosher food preparation to Ta’yeem. Classically trained in Lyon, France, chef/owner Arnon Oren spent years honing his skills at Chez Panisse in Berkeley and at Oliveto Café and Restaurant in Oakland before venturing out to develop his own culinary businesses as a chef and restaurateur in catering and fine dining. He runs Anaviv’s Table in Richmond and sits on the Advisory Board for the Contra Costa College Culinary Academy. He is also the co-founder of Plant to Plate Internship Program, empowering and mentoring kids in Richmond through organic gardening and culinary arts.

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